She had physical relationship with that guy...

My #SecretConfessed,
I am 20 year old boy and i have been in a relationship with a girl from class 9 for about 5 years. We were in the same school till class 10. Everything worked fine in the initial stage of the relationship but we got apart in our college time.

There she got many friends, she was close to one of her friends who studies with her. She use to hangout with him and when i use to object she use to point me that i dont believe her nor understand her. Recently she had physical relationship with that guy. One the same day she told me about the incident and told she is sorry for it. I consoled her and told ok fine everything would be fine between us if u dont keep any further contact with that guy. At that time she told ok. But then also she was in contact with that guy.

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I felt offended and stopped taking to her but everytime she approaches me and says the she loves me and she can't be without me.

What should i do now?

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iturajh 2 years ago

fuck her that hard that she cant of it again


Xyz 2 years ago

Move on Buddy.. she's is a slut. If you think she'll correct herself, you're expecting too much. She has no morals, no strength of character. Leave her ASAP and focus on Ur career.


Radhika 2 years ago

Leave her.


Wayne 2 years ago

Hey Dear, She got physical with him. Now she will going to do it again Give him HIV. After sex she will realize and beg you to stay in her life leave her, broke her be a MAN.


veena 2 years ago

leave her... if she truly loves you... she nvr do this


Vivek 2 years ago

Class 9 me 5 years se relationship...BC CLASS 4 me kon relation me.aata hai...Humlog to bachpan me TOM AND JERRRY ,POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN AUR SHAKTIMAN SE HI PHURSAT NAHI MILTI THI


CR 2 years ago

.... "FROM" class 9 for about 5 years.


Atri 2 years ago

Ha yaar Mai to Bhayamkar single hu


Rambo 2 years ago

Forget her ..... Cheating dna .... She just needs a di*k between her legs...


deepanjan 2 years ago

classic cheating dna. Get away from her as soon as possible. She is keeping you as an option. You deserve better. She is an opportunist and a cheater


Anonim 2 years ago

Feeling sad for you.. So one should never trust anyone. .. Just get away from her as much as possible. It will be difficult first but remember time heals everything .


sathish kumar 2 years ago

My request is to keep away from her. It meant that she pretend to be honest with you. Be aware of it....


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