She is in love with a married guy...

My #secretconfessed,
I like one girl from past 12 years and even she knows about it but I have never proposed her because she was betrayed in her past relation. She always used to tell me that "its hard to love again when your heart is broken before". So I have never proposed her thinking that she isn't interested in love anymore.

But now I came to know that she is in love with her business partner who is already married and has a 10 year old son. It was unbelievable for me as I had never expected she will fall in love with a married person. I know there is no future for this relation, so I just want to know whether can I propose her now? Is this the right time to propose her when she is already lost in someone.

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Suggest me what to do as I like this girl from past 12 yrs and I was always dreaming to marry her one day. So I never thought about any other girl in my life so far...

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Sona 1 year ago

She needs you... moreover forcing her in anyway will make her go her friend and show her your true love which you are doing since past 12 years.


NoName 1 year ago

From what you are saying, it seems like the girl has issues. If you really like her, just let her know but don't force her. If she loves you back, she will come to you.


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