She lied me she is a virgin!

My #secretconfessed,
We were in the same class staring at each other. On day I asked her for a phone number and she’s started to follow me on the Insta**** and we’ve started chatting.

It was late at night on 23 of February around 2 o’clock when she confessed that she liked me and I told her: Ya, I like you too.
At that moment I proposed her! She accepted. Everything was going really smooth. 
But the problem appears when she’s started ignoring me.

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Then suddenly on 4 of March she asked to break up. She was crying. She admitted that she was texting with her ex.
She had s*x with him and she told me that she was a virgin! She lied to me.

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Gg 1 year ago

Plz... dont expect more in her the way ... as it is in a flow... if she is ok... from... now on then move ahead if ... not even... in a small thing... just leave


NoName 1 year ago

You are a kid. Too young to do anything. Forget about everything and move on.


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