She told me to stop intimacy

My #SecretConfessed:
I am 27 and struggling to get a government job while my girlfriend just joined a private company.

We are together since two years but two months ago she told me to stop intimacy. Having sex is causing problems to her as she explained. Obviously we had fights on this issue. She made a point that I should wait (time is not mentioned). Once in anger she said to me to look for other options. I have been loyal to her since day one. We love and care for each other in the same way we used to do.

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Jerk 1 year ago

She has already started looking for better option... ask her if she is looking for anything specific in u ( which u don't have right now). Have a good conversation and do accordingly.


Hi 2 years ago

Get ur career frst sorted.the girl must be getting pressurised for marriage n u dnt seem like settled..n secndly..shez correct..give her space..both physical n mind space..let her recalculate..dntspoil evrythng coz of maybe shez saying so coz of health reasons..n dnt at allll cheat on her if u still love her.:)


nikhil 2 years ago

its really hurting but try to know the reason behind her prblm n try to fix it..


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