She wants to have physical relationship with me...

My #SecretConfessed:
Feeling like idiot!! I need suggestions of you all...
I met a girl few months back on fb as she was first to approach me. Our meeting was a comedy only I was literally shaming a girl and she texted "you did right with that girl" and from there we became friends.

From there we started chatting, exploring each other. After a few weeks of chatting only she sent me some very personal pics of her, I was confused what's this? Then I firmly asked her "Not to send these to me. I'm not at all interested in your fantasies".

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It was going all fine we came bit more close from fb to WApp. Then problem started like she always says "I'm single, I don't have anyone", then I said "As u saying u r single then y those personal pics in ur phone?".
She said "I like to click my pic". I said "That's fine enough".

Suddenly one day she said "Man, I Love You!!"

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user comments

Gaurav 1 year ago

Plz give me her no


Santosh 1 year ago

Don't talk to her bhai. She is actually not interested in any kind of relationship.She just want fun because her friends are enjoying with their bf. Don't talk to these type of girls. Make sure in today's world maximum mms is recorded by girls for black mailing boys. Baki ap mature ho.


Vyom 2 years ago

Brother, believe me...Don't leave her coz she loves you...:)


Baba kaam dev 2 years ago

Dude, Leave her ASAP. You will Fck her once, she will keep on fucking you forever. They are fucking gold digger bitches. They are infact blackmailers. Dont spoil your life.


Sumanth 2 years ago

Dude you have git a huge dick I guess. Take some condoms and go. She is asking what exactly needed. Now hesitate and don't mastrubate later.


Rubiya shaikh 2 years ago

If you are matured ,than guy Please move on as u said heart doesnt allow thats true. She has becum your addiction. Its not wrong. Do such thing that can make you bussy. God is grt u will get better person in ur life


Khushboo 2 years ago

Better u leave her... The girl who's interested in physical relationships can't be true..


shaheryar 2 years ago

Bhai Ye paragraph k bad hmm wala mere sath kai bar hua h


amit 2 years ago

u urself know it man....leave her asap


kapil 2 years ago

I think dude the girl is not meant for you. Just you can give her no. to your other friends so that they both can enjoy. You just get the hell out of that.


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