She won't change herself for me

My #secretconfessed,

I am in love with my girl. She is my best friend, I loved her and proposed her after few days. She accepted my proposal.

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Now when we both are in love sometimes her behaviour looks so strange. She will be online but she will not reply. She will be fine with everyone and get angry with me. Even I will plead her she won't change. She will hurt me, then make me cry but truly I should say I can't get anger on her. But I will weep and cry a lot, she would not react even when she knows that I am crying.

I don't want to argue or hurt her for this behaviour but in my deep heart is really hurting. But I will live with her till my last breath.

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user comments

Tara 2 years ago

Relationships are hard for both the parties ....u should talk to her about this ...if things don't work out break up


girl 2 years ago

leave her this is the best thing u can give to her


a 2 years ago

u cant and u wont....if not u then she will left u one day and thats for sure....dont try to hold on, u will only suffer


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