She's just like a drug to me

My #secretconfessed,
I am 27 year old, recently the love of my life got married to someone else due to family pressure and blah blah. I have faced the hardest part of my life and now i am in my senses after 3 months and now able to think & write down things.

So after these 3 months, I am still in contact with that girl, who stills commits to me daily that she loves me more than anyone in this world and she got married bcoz of family pressure but her love for me can never be replaced. She's not going to come back in my life and I am able to digest it now but I still have those feelings inside of me the ones she keeps talking that are on her end. She is staying in California now and I am in delhi. So there are no chances of us meeting time to time.

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She's just like a drug to me, without her I can't keep my life moving. She still cares for me in the same way. I can't leave her neither can she but it's sure we can't be together also in social terms. I always wanted to be one woman man type but now I think I will do the opposite bcoz I know today or tommorow I will have to marry on family wish and I know I will be doing things which were once very wrong in my eyes.

I hate the Indian society now and hope someday all this poison of caste will vanish from our country.

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Jerk 1 year ago

U r just dumb. People like u r just there to sit and blame society for things. U should have had the guts when it was needed. Instead


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