Should I tell my groom about my 3 bfs?

My #SecretConfessed:
In last 3 years I had been in relationships with 3 different guys.
The first cheated on me, he was already in relationship. I broke up in 3 months.

And the second one was lunatic. He used to harrass me mentally, emotionally and once physically too. So being a wise lady I moved on in 28 days.
Later on there was 3rd one... I had been in relationship for 2 years. We both were in love. But after 6 months his behaviour changed: he only used to meet to fulfill all his desires. And he broke up.

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Now, after 3 months of breakup my parents are all set for my marriage. They had chosen a guy who is more then great, he loves and cares. But I'm afraid to confess him that I'd already been physical with three different guys.
This marriage proposal came through my cousin's brother and his wife who also is cousin of the guy (groom). So if I confess the truth before marriage, I'm afraid to loose the guy plus he probably has to tell the family the reason of breaking this relation.

His family and mine... everyone is happy... sach bolna mushkil... jhooth bol nai paungi.

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Jerk 1 year ago

Don’t feel happy just by confessing here. U need to tell him.


Nitin D 1 year ago

Its better to say it by yourself rather than knowing from somebody else. Because it will definatly be revealed one day


Horizon 1 year ago

Dont be selfish by hiding the truth, you will never ever will live peacefully with that guilt of deception to your significant other. If guilt is not your thing...then you will be scared throughout your life if the secret comes out through any other source. How will your SO react to this. Tell him dont wish to be called cheater.


Nitin 1 year ago

It's India. Never tell him. Most guys who'd been single before marriage won't accept the fact . It's a burden you have to bear,but don't bear it as a guilt. You did nothing wrong. You can consult with your parent. But it's better to stop thinking . Whatever happened forget it . You don't have to tell . It's okay.


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