Should I try or just forget her?

My #SecretConfessed:
There is a girl in my class. She is 2 years elder than me. She lost her father so she dropped a year. And after 1 year, when she continued, she and I became classmates.

Till the end of that class I used to look at her and think "May god bless me with a girl like her in my life".
At last there was a party and that was when we exchanged numbers and started talking to each other as we were given some duties due to which we came in touch with each other.

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After some days I told her about my feelings. As usually I thought she would block me as she was already in a long distance relationship. But she didn’t.
Her bf was in some foreign country but before he went out they went into a physical relationship. He even have some pics and videos of that.
When her bf went to foreign country, he was sure that she will not go anywhere now. She remained loyal.

But her bf abuses her on wapp and phone calls as he says that she should not even talk to any other boys. 

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Sachin 3 months ago

I think you should go in calm place and think about your self what do you want and she is a lady first and she has feelings and please be quiet and attentive and approach her one time again quietly and told her about your feelings, it may be something good.


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