I let him go to fulfill his dream

My #secretconfessed,
I am a 16 years old girl. I was in a happy LDR with my bf who is 18 years old. We first met on fb. He proposed me a year ago, i accepted after a few days. But only a fews days later of our relation i started feeling insecure about the distance. I broke up with him saying "if we r destined we will meet again". I missed him every single day.

Then after 7 months, i texted him. He then said "my love for u is eternal jaan". We patched again. In the mean time i realised what a gentleman he was. We had our 1st call and video chat. It was all going good and we even completed our 5 months.

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But a week ago he broke up with me as he felt like we have no future left together. Reason was that the medical academy in which he's studying will send him to Ukraine. His dad insisted him to join that academy. He wanted to become an army medical officer.

I let him go to fulfill his dream and said that i'll wait 4 him. He said "no jaan dont wait for me. I suggest uh study with focus from now on. I'm sorry my love but situation around us doesnt seem to be pleased with our relation."

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