So many lies... too many

My #SecretConfessed:
Please read full. I met my bf 2 years back while we were in std 11th... We met accidently totally by chance in auto... we had no idea about each other... He used to come with his 2 friends.

We got into relationship, everything was fine then we broke up due to some misunderstanding, neither did i clear anything nor he did.
Later on I got to know that he was already in relationship with another girl from past three years... even he had more gfs...
He also made a new gf after breaking up with me, but we were in contact but i used to avoid him.

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After reading my diary my bf changed and said sorry and again we were together but he never told me about his gf... n for this reason I never got close to him, never shared anything, avoided and then he went to Delhi.

After he got out from jail when he needed me emotionally, I was not there for him, his parents did not gave him phone.

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