Her mother is the problem

My #SecretConfessed:
I have been in relationship with a girl from my school days, it has been 10yrs now.
She is very caring and good girl and our love is also very good. We planned to get married within 2yrs.

But the problem is her mother, she having affair with man and I don't like that, and her father is liquor addict, he always used to fight to my girl and her mother badly.

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My girl, she never lied to me but when it comes to her mom's matter she used to hide from me so she's lying sometimes abt her mom. that time I m getting more angry.
Her mother is good in behaving, but now she started to talk with another man (not physically). With that man they are going out like dinner and picnic.
He s always buying things to her and my girl. but I can't take it as easy... I m slowly getting irritate on my girl to accept these things.

My girl knows that her mother is totally wrong, my girl always says that "I don't like mom's behavior" and worried a lot, but my girl is loving me a lot...
She will never stop loving me at any situation...

I don't know how to tell her that "Don't talk with that man and don't get any things from that man"...
Sorry for my bad English.

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