Love has been beaten up

My #secretconfessed,
I got married when I was 25. My in laws asked me to quit my job as according to them a girl who works in an IT industry will not respect them. Things were going normal after one month of marriage.

One day there was a small argument between me and my husband. That was the first time he raised his hand by giving a tight slap on my face. Third month of marriage I was beated by him. I was not knowing that it will repeat again and again.
From past 4 months only once he slaped me. Again it was yesterday when I was abused and beaten up. 

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I left my job for sake of his family and now sometimes I heard that I do not have any work... I eat free at their respective home. 
He loves me and even I love him. He cares alot, pampers alot to me. After as he is beating me my feelings are becoming dead and I m more into depression.

Cant share anything with my parents as well as mine was a love marriage. Now only marriage is left. I really do not feel the love.

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Jerk 1 year ago

What exactly is causing him to beat u? Is he doing it for fun?


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