Strangers with some memories

My #secretconfessed,
I remember the first time when i saw him, it appeared as if his eyes are shining with bright lights. At that time i was in 12th standard (2012). The feeling was like... Pehla nasha, pehla khuma, naya pyar h , naya intezaar. He was near the shopping complex and it was the very first time when my heart skipped a heartbeat.

After that It was only him in my mind, all days and nights. He used to wear black shirt and blue denim and the shirt's sleeves, as always folded. He usually appeared before me on his black pulsar.
We went to the same coaching but we never talked.
He used to come when my class gets over and i was about to leave. He just stopped his bike after looking at me and then tried to restart it again.
The things went on for couple of months in the same way.

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