Sudden marriage plan...

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I'm madly in love with my boyfriend.... We have a 7 yr relationship....

I think he is the right one for me... He cares for me. Loves me a lot. Tries to fulfil my every expectation. My wishes. Understands me. He is a perfect boyfriend. I think he could be a perfect husband also. But here is some family issue. My father doesn't like him at all. But my mother likes him. I always tried to convince him about our relationship. But he denied. Whenever i ask him the reason Why don't you like him?, he always told me... that they are not like us... Like us mean he is not from a well to do family... He is trying to establish himself... But instead of everything my father directly told me about their financial status... Now the situation is I wanna marry him... But my father will never ever give me permission for our marriage...

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Plz tell me should I get married or not? Plz friends help me. Plz give me suggestions.

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Zoya 2 years ago

Why don't u wait until ur boyfriend proves he is totally worthy of u and rises in the eyes of ur father?


Pk 2 years ago

Go with father's decision... fathers's always best well wisher of world and he better know wich is best and perfect way for his child..... u have just 7 year relationship with bf but think how many year relationship with father....


Aryn 2 years ago

Go for it marry him!! Or u may regret this whole life.7 year relationship is a hugggggge thing.Convince your father. Beg,bribe or steal.But believe me don't lose him


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