The instant pain inside me

My #SecretConfessed:
Hi, i am here to confess as i am not strong enough to share with the people i know.
So my depressive life begins when i was around 14 years old. i lost my dad but that time i wasn’t felt so much but when my mom passed away i shattered into many pieces which i am still collecting.

Right now my age is 24 years and in career prospective not doing well, also suffering with the financial crisis. i have done with all my options and it seems nothing left for me in this world.

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I can only explain how my depression feels for me.

For me, its like i am being trapped in a wall of fog. No one else can see this fog, but to me it is there. constantly, with me wherever i go, whomever i am with, whatever i do. I can see out of the fog. i can see people enjoying themselves, living life, loving, laughing, hurting, thinking, playing but the fog deadens all the sounds. It dulls all my own feelings, physically and, more especially emotionally.


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