S*x is so important

My #SecretConfessed:
Hey, I'm 19 yrs old girl & I'm very much addicted to sex.
I had my past bf two years ago, but we broke up for some reasons. We also had physical relations. However it took me a long time to move on.

Now I live in a different state with my best friend. She is beautiful and has a bf.
But the problem is that I'm being attracted towards her bf. I tried to control myself for a long time but now I think I should sleep with him.

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He is also very flirty & sex addicted. He flirts with me which is making difficult for me to control myself.
We had a talk & we decided to have sex. We would be just friends with benefits.
I don't want to break them apart. I just want physical relation from his side & nothing else.

How long could I control myself? 

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