The only thing my husband wants is...

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I want some good suggestion.
I am a girl who used to be sweet and beautiful with pleasent behaviour. was quite good in academics. but now the tables got turned for me.

Lost my mother 4 months ago.
And 2 months ago got married with someone whom I don't like at all because he is 33 year old man.
And he is not grown up mentally. He is no way ready for any kind of responsibility of a married life. All he wants is to do that things with me...
He belongs to quite rich family so he never bothers to do much in life. He looks not good and also he looks like being ill always.

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Now I am supposed to live with him. I really don't want to.
My family is giving me emotional pressure. But I am not ready mentally physically to be with him for like whole life.
The perception of my every near and dear ones got changed now about me. they taunt on me now...

What to do? It was an arranged marriage and my life is getting ruined.

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Confused soul 1 year ago

Maybe this helps Someone asked me, what do you want in a life partner? If god can bless you with one thing then what will you ask for? What I answered was, I dunno what I want but what I am sure of is I don't want the person to have ego on their looks. I am not saying I don't want a good looking companion but what I am saying Someday I will get old and so will the other person. Those looks will change for sure. So i can't base my whole life on just looks. And as far as working is concerned then maybe you can push hin to go for something good in life. In christianity, have marital vow. Till death do us apart , in good health and bad.... Bla bla Point is you should not have gone for marriage if you were not sure but now when you have taken that step then you have to decide what you want to do. Best of luck


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