The past of his still haunts me...

My #secretconfessed,
I m in love with a boy who is 1 year younger to me. But our age difference was never a concern between us. However when we just started our relationship, he was still in contact with his ex. He used to chat with her continuously widout my knowledge. Also they used to meet.

But he used to tell me that he loves me. More than that, he also kept a casual relationship with another girl which he confessed to be not serious. But knowing all these has left me so heartbroken.
Due to all these we used to fight a lot. He admits his mistake n again starts talking to them. This was all around few months back.
But now I feel he is not doing anything wrong from last few months. But the past of his still haunts me n always I feel he is cheating on me when he is not around. He still deletes his chat messages from what**pp and Fb so that I don't see them. I asked him not to do it as it makes me feel more insecure. But all in vain.

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His family also against me and he says he is not able to convince them. I don't know if he is saying the truth or just a chance to go away. After thinking all these, now I become angry on small matters and I have changed a lot. I abuse him every time about all these coz I feel he has destroyed me.
I now can't trust anyone in my life. Please help me how to be happy again. I m going into so much depression.

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Ashu 1 year ago

Dear as he has already made it clear that he cannot convenience his parents makes it clear that he never loved you and want to be with you..better late than never move on and concentrate more on your hobbies and socialize with your friends. Remember it is not an was just a bad chapter forget this cheater who cheated you and played with your feelings move on with positivity.


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