The time of love, the time of cry

The time of love, the time of cry

My #SecretConfessed:
I just recovered from a surgery when i met her online.We were totally stranger to each other though I used to talk with her on online earlier too but this time it was a bit different and exciting. In the starting she was a bit irritated with me but then the things got smoother.

We talked whole day and night and shared each other problems. Very soon, we became good friends online. She always wanted me to approach me first but i was a bit shy then, so at last she asked me to express my feelings for her. And I proposed her which she excepted. She was very promising. I had my first love that was one-sided with an another girl, about which i cleared to her. Soon i forgot that first girl and fall completely in love with her. She was madly in love with me too and put all her efforts to strengthen our bonding. I too respect her and trusted in her immensely, she was my first priority and i never wanted to lose her. We talked day and night online on phone calls but were unable to meet each other still we loved and looked for the right time to meet.

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Our 6 months completed. She was my first thought of morning and last thought of the night.

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Rahi tajamul 2 years ago

really heart touching... same is with me... last paragraph of ur story made me cry ... but i hv also this story... Now i would like to suggest u that keep ur mind busy all time with things u lov.. dont fall in her lov deeply ..keep control upon ur heart ..bro... avoid -ive feelings b +ive.... thnx


Just another girl 2 years ago

I'm a girl who has done the same and have had a past, but believe me if she's with you right now instead of being with that boy, then she's with you for a reason and that reason is you. Don't scold her and just trust her and try to love her. If you recall those sad moments, please remember she choose you over him and is with you right now and not him. Just believe that you 2 are meant to be together and the love will come automatically. She might have gone through a bad time, be with her and make her happy. God bless you both.


Anvesh 2 years ago

I loved a girl she didn't knew that. Later she got to know that I loved her she even moved so closer after knowing that. We talked daily whenever I wasnt feeling good she use to make me smile. Same with her too I use to make her smile later we got into a fight and till now we aren't talking to each other as we were before I still got feeling for her but she doesn't maybe she likes someone else . But we can't stay we need to move on . I will never forget those memories with her. Where ever she is she should be happy that's it.


Ritwick 2 years ago

Dude...the same thing happened with me. In the end i was the one who lost his mind, his inner peace, his mental balance and everything. Yes, she's still with me. But once it's broken, it's broken. Remember, you should forgive someone number of times but you shouldn't blindly trust that someone again and again. :-)


Shashi 2 years ago

Hello, I read over your story and all I could make out that both of you are little immature in relationships .Sorry...But you both are together and she is trying her bit to stay in the relationship with you inspite of she could not have....she had feelings for some1 else but still she decided to stay with you...Why can't you accept her and her love as she is. See....Live is not a roller coaster or a fairy tale...What she did was just "being human". I think you should never have pointed out her mistakes of past. Love doesn't happen with perfect no1 is perfect....but a perfect relation is built when two imperfect people love each other perfectly. Try....Try...n try some more....Till you die....if you truly love her like you described. Live life....Make her your life....Give her not suffocate her for whatever she has done...Concentrate on what you want to do in life...If your life seems unworthy of living without her do not question further...She is the one for you...go n life a perfect life with that imperfect girl whom you love like hell...because simply "She is the one for you". Hope it helps.


Sayantan 2 years ago

Ah.. I hope you would suggest the same to a girl if her boyfriend cheats her and then comes back saying sorry.


Ashish 2 years ago

Dude this is life....U can't guarantee what's happening will also happen in future you know what in past she said that she want to leave you but now present if she is saying that he is could not leave you can you can't guarantee that in future time she won't say it again cause its human mind.... it's all about attraction... if she gets attracted towards someone else who is much more successful much more good looking and much more rich then you... she won't feel any thing or even regret in just just leaving you ....dude it's my humble request to you.... make yourself capable and always think that she is not of yours always she can leave you at any time and so make your inner instinct so powerful that when Such time comes you won't cry but actually be happy because life is all about going on


hazel 2 years ago

dude! i think you should just leave her and move ahead in life, if you really think she's not that into you. i mean why bother someone? let her go with her one true first love! i know now she might cry and say that was a past mistake yeh woh but keep your calm, and tell her ki behen m done. i don't wanna know woh tera konse no. ka pyar hai, ya toh mera peecha chhor ya uska, aage yeh natak nahi chahiye! and bro am telling you, true love either has patience or is a rebel! she couldn't keep patience to wait for just a single year or couldn't rebel against her sister! and stop fighting for faltu reasons! have some self respect! tell her firmly that you love her and nothing can change that but if she doesn't wanna stay she can leave and you'll be okay!


Praveen 2 years ago

Best reply ever and that too from a girl.


Vikram 2 years ago

Brother, same thing happened with me. Better is forget the past and focus on the present so that you both can make future better. If you both love each other today also, then find out ways to resolve the issues. I'm sure it'll all alright soon.


Chandima 2 years ago

Its so sad.. these online love will always leads to misery..but it happens..and you cant stop falling in love though you know that at the end you will be hurt..


Andicat 2 years ago

You both clearly love eachother. Stop being jealous. Past is over. Start afresh with the love of your life or you will regret losing her. She loves you now. Just accept that. Don't talk about past, concentrate on present and future.


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