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My #secretconfessed,
We are in a relationship for 4 years till now. Before relationship we were classmates and good friends also and then we fell in love. Now the story is like this: I am a Hindu guy and she Is a Muslim.

We have discussed the topic of getting married several times in past and everytime she used to say that her family will not have any problem with our differences but now few months ago I visited her house and her parents straightly denied our marriage. I tried to convince her father as well as mother several times but everytime failed.
Every time they said that their community will not allow this kind of marriage.
After that I even offered them that I will marry her secretly and take her away from the city just what I need was their permission. Then also they said no.
Her Brother even atttacked me several times in road and said to stay away from his sister but somehow I managed to escape.

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Now she is saying that she Is confused what to do. She can't go against her parents as well as she can't leave me.
What should I do now?
Should I leave her? Or should I try to convince her?

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