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I am 22 (will b 23 in May) & she is 17 (will be 18 in April). We belong to Hapur, U.P. I met her on F**B back in September 2012. We chatted a lot. I couldn't resist myself from being attracted to her. Only trouble, I was facing mentally, she was 13.

She was drawn towards me too. I proposed her in November. She said yes. We were in a relationship (she 13 & I 18). I never wanted to leave her so I told my heart once she grows old the 5 year old difference is not a big thing. So I chose being with her knowing her age.

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Her friend circle was damn cheap. Some of them tried hard to seperate us with some really ugly and cheap tricks but I didnt let them get better of it. We were now together for 7 months after all of them were done with their tricks to seperate us.

We didn't use to meet very often being in same city. I never wanted her to catch attention of any known. But she was play with it. She used to get angry with me very often (4-5 times a day) and I used to feel very happy in making her smile again. Our relationship was growing very sweetly, smoothly and strongly. I never let her feel unwanted. As the time passed, her short temper turned into sweet narazgi. And we were sharing each n every part of our life to each other.

I never asked her for being physical actually I never wanted coz she was underage. We used to cuddle whenever we got chance. I always controlled myself and told her to do the same. There was a very sweet n very strong bonding between us.

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user comments

Anu 1 year ago

Shez unluncky to miss a gem lik guy. Sad ppl dono whats the difference between fake love and real love.


Girl 1 year ago

I wish u all the luck in the entire world! I know u will find ur one true love! Coz my friend....true love can never go extinct....! There is always some one waiting for u....its just that the right time should come for u to meet that person! Wait for will happen! U are a very good person....I appreciate it!


Kk 2 years ago

Bro.... Wont go with ur english!!! But the feeling which u tried to portray. I strongly believe u have had pure love for her, but she couldn't realise the gem in it. Her bad luck not yours!!! Some real deserving is waiting for no worry pull up your socks and run the race towards success... All the best!!


Yani 2 years ago

poor you... or lucky? imagine same situation but after you would marry her...


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