Third time lucky?

My #SecretConfessed:
Hello every1. I m sharing my story first time about my first relationship. I'm doing my graduation. I've never been in a relationship.

When i came in my 2nd year, i fell in love wid a guy wid whom i met in a college fest. First we became frndz then switch to best frndz nd now we r in a relationship. I love him a lot. He also loves me but i've caught him cheating on me 2 times.

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First time - One day wen i opened his insta account, i found many unknown girls's chat wid a msg of "nice clicks" by him. When i asked him about that he said y r u checking my insta. I said dat u also check my phone so i can also check urs. He didn't give my answer. Then when i opened another girl's chat he took his phone away suddenly. I told him that i want to read that chat. He said that she was his aunty from Thailand n there was some personal things so he cannot show that chat to me. I said that wen u showed ur family chat then y can't this. He said later. I insisted but he didn't show me. After few minutes, when i became busy wid my phone, he deleted that chat widout showing me. Wen i asked he said he didn't delete anything. We had a huge fight on this thing. I asked him that wat is wrong wid ur aunty's chat. Y didn't u show me. Then he said nothing was in that chat. I asked if there was nothing wrong then y did u delete it damnit and then i blocked him.

After some days we started talking again but doubt has taken place in my heart. I thought that if he is like this he will be soon caught again.

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nishant 2 years ago

Chance ek bar diya jata h bar bar ni. In a.p.j. abdul kalaam sir's words "if a mistake happens for d frst time is mistake..but if this occurs repeatedly then it is YOUR CHOICE. And u hv already given him 2 chances.


Shradha 2 years ago

men like him can nvr b change. Surely he is not loyal. Close his chapter. Try urslf to b engaged in different activities. Dont let urslf free. N pls just not talk him anymore. One time pain is better then life time pain


xyz 2 years ago

Leave this situation as it is for now..If he has feelings for you..He will come back to you.. Otherwise you are wise Enough to take decision..But be in touch as a friend..


amit 2 years ago

everytime u give him a chance...u r gonna suffer...thats for sure


Suchitha 2 years ago

Men lik ur bf will never change. Better cut that relationship. U can't b a frnd again, can u c him dating wit other girls? Somewhere in ur heart u may feel jealous. Better move on. Forget his chapter.


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