She's waiting for me but... having s*x with him

My #secretconfessed,
I have been in a relationship from 5years with one of my classmate. We use to enjoy company of each other during those time. But as the time passed by we got apart and we both moved to different places.

At the initial time everything was fine between us but after a phase of time i came to know through her dat c likes one of the boys in her class and c use to spend a lot of time with him. One day c told me dat c had physical relationship wid that boy.
I was shocked as i was being betrayed coz i was true to her, but c told me dat c z sorry for dis incident and wont repeat it again. I jst forgave her coz i love her a lot and want her in my life.

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But recently i came to know that c use to talk 2 dat guy and use to share her everything to him and at dat time i was shocked...

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Ronnie 1 year ago

Just move on bro. Be successful in life. Because that's the sweetest revenge you can take on anyone.


Julz 1 year ago

All shit bro, just leave her n concentrate on your life.


NoName 1 year ago

Leave her. Not worth it.


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