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I had a love marriage 6yrs ago. My husband is under treatment for depression and anxiety for the past 3yrs. We have stayed together through all of it with our love still going strong. If there is anything worst than suffering from depression, it's being the only support system for a person going through it.

You have to be strong no matter what happens, you just can't let the person know you are falling apart. Because for him, you are the only hope.

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There are nights I have cried myself to sleep and woken up next morning, hide my puffy eyes with make up, put up a brave face and go to work. Then there are nights I have waited for the morning without batting an eyelid, because I am scared that he would take his life if I sleep off.

I run the family both financially and emotionally. He is not working because of his health. Being an introvert I am, my only best friend is my husband. Not having anyone to share my feelings gets me emotionally exhausted. I feel my emotional and physical needs are not taken care of.

I have not had sex in the last 3yrs.

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Jerk 1 year ago

I would feel great about myself, if I were you. What good is life if there is nothing challenging. Keep it up!


Mohammed 1 year ago



human 1 year ago

Dear strong lady... No matter whatever happens you should not give up. You being the only source of strength for him , God may test your patience but definitely your genunity would be rewarded. He will be completely alright. Don't give up. You need to open up to someone who you can trust or discuss with your mom!


Anonymous Knight 1 year ago

Friends are nothing but strangers curious to know you and support you. All you need to do is to look around and try to open up yourself, slowly someone will make their way, and give you the support that you need. Good luck. And Take care of yourself. Feel free to talk anytime.


Uday Kranth 2 years ago

never give up on someone you truly love cause if you give up once it's all over forever I'm my past there is was woman who I loved than anyone in my life she continuly broken my heart several times I have given her improtance than my pride and my joy and my family but she made suffer and left me when I really needed her she left me without giving any reason or else there is reason since than onward I have lost my believe in love and woman but seeing what your saying about your story It really changed my mind your love is so strong and no one can interfere with your feelings for your husband except your husband himself and you should not give up on your love and your husband and yourself what are you doing today for him will be worth to do for your husband and will also payoff you with husband love and care he will going to give you when he will recovered and you should remember one thing that you made this far and your very near to your goal to get your husband become normal so don't giveup on him I think you should be inspire others by showing everyone giving up on the person you love is not an option and it could worth living a life where you already giveup on yourself stay strong I believe in you consider this request is from your brother and if need any help with your husband treatment I might could help him so if need help from brother call me Or message me sister 7013751263


Subhashis 2 years ago

It is really exemplary to do what you are doing for such a long & have done for such a long time. Having said that - Love's Definition is Somewhere Gone wrong. Let me Explain - All of us in Normal cases have various needs - Physical/Sexual needs + Emotional Needs + Mental/Intellectual Needs & needs for Love/Appreciation/Gratitude from Others - these are very basic needs. It is actually not very clear - of what your hubby is suffering from - But you say that he too loves you. which Gestures of His Tells You That He loves You. Do You have Intimate Conversations/Open Communications, Do You Hold hand/Smile/Cuddle, Does he Appreciates, respects & Shows his Gratitude regularly for whatever you are doing - in every possible ways. if you are perfectly satisfied from his expressing/showing/doing things to show his love to you Now Your Dissatisfaction should come from - not having Sex/Making Love & maybe lack of social life. All these needs are very very interdependent - dissatisfaction in one area - will screw your happiness in other area. If you are a healthy female & you have normal libido & are not getting it fulfilled - it can definitely manifest into serious psychological issues like various dis-orders . Now you can not help others if you yourself need help. You have to have Social interactions & if you can get a female with whom you can talk shop. Alternatively you can talk online with various platform. As far as your physical gratifications are concerned - you have to either have an extra-marital affair - which is not very advisable & like Robin said you can be taken for ride by others. You have to think why can't you let go of this relationship & seek a fresh life. If you can not do this - learn to masturbate & if need get a tool like vibrator - at least that will release some pent up feelings of Physical Desires


Robin 2 years ago

Dear Friend First of all, I must offer my sincere respects to your tolerance and dedication for your husband and the family. It is no easy job for anyone, be it a man or a woman. Depression is itself a very serious problem for anyone but you are not only taking care of a person suffering from depression but also managing so many other things. And you have done this for 3 long years. It is exemplary for everyone. Coming to your situation, it must have been very difficult to not be able to feel the satisfaction that everyone wants. It is quite natural, everyone wants. You have some options that I can think of. May be you can choose from them or think of something else. 1. You can find some girl whom you trust completely and she understands you. If you can find such a person then at least some level of contentment will come by sharing your heart with her. Of course, still there will be some problems but they should be comparatively less as compared to the situation now. A difficult option but I believe God will help you find a good friend if you try and pray. 2. You can find a male friend with whom you can share your heart. chances are high that you will develop attachment sooner or later. In the circumstances that you are in, if the other person knows your personal life too much, it is possible that one can take advantage. This option needs to be chosen with lot of care. Your fear of being vulnerable is justified but in the situation you are in, I really can't say what one should do if one's needs are not being fulfilled. 3. You can try to keep yourself busy with somethings so that your mind gets diverted. This option will not be a long term solution but provide the much needed distraction from the problem. Cravings of heart cannot be left on their own but they can be distracted or satisfied with something better than what they ask for. Else it is difficult to just stay without satisfying them. 4. Continue as you are doing now and wait for your husband to get well. This option is again difficult but possible for sure. May be you can help him get well soon by getting meditation sessions like Art of Living for him. I have friends who have done that and got some help. Hope this helps. My prayers with you. Hope you decide nicely and stay happy.


Om 2 years ago

I also dnt hv frnds n i also feel like u.. today is my bday n no one is wit me


king 2 years ago

All u need is lord Jesus Christ


a 2 years ago

loving someone doesnt mean sacrificing ur life... just live ur life to the fullest...follow ur heart


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