Tired of being strong

My #SecretConfessed:
I had a love marriage 6yrs ago. My husband is under treatment for depression and anxiety for the past 3yrs. We have stayed together through all of it with our love still going strong. If there is anything worst than suffering from depression, it's being the only support system for a person going through it.

You have to be strong no matter what happens, you just can't let the person know you are falling apart. Because for him, you are the only hope.

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There are nights I have cried myself to sleep and woken up next morning, hide my puffy eyes with make up, put up a brave face and go to work. Then there are nights I have waited for the morning without batting an eyelid, because I am scared that he would take his life if I sleep off.

I run the family both financially and emotionally. He is not working because of his health. Being an introvert I am, my only best friend is my husband. Not having anyone to share my feelings gets me emotionally exhausted. I feel my emotional and physical needs are not taken care of.

I have not had sex in the last 3yrs.

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user comments

Another guy 2 years ago

All you need is a friend with whom you can share all your feelings so that you can feel light


amit 2 years ago

u just need a friend...just go out make frnds..new hobbies...and slowly u will know where u should go


Superman 2 years ago

Make a good friend with whom you can share everything. It's better to make new friend except older one.. I cn b ur friend too .... Like to solve ur problems and I cn be a nice shoulder for u ....


SUMEET 2 years ago

Have some sense dude @superman. She is suffering from very serious issue. Miserable.


Vik 2 years ago

Respect to you dear.. Stay strong


Anonim 2 years ago

Always remember when you think you have given your all. Your prayers are answered. I always believe in God plans and he will guide you to lights. God bless you


Anonymous 2 years ago

Hats off to your dedication.. seriously this is an example of love .. just an advice stay strong. Things change with time . You will be definitely rewarded just hold on .. some remedies like meditation & motivational music or stuffs can help your hubby to recover fast... Respect for you.. stay committed ...Have faith ... I m sure things will go well


queen 2 years ago

Find a friend to lean on.. talk to somebody you trust... and seek professional help for yourself as well


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