Too many differences between us

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I am in a relationship with a Muslim guy, he is from Pakistan (Lahore). The problem is I am a Hindu girl and I am staying in India (Assam). There is a huge distance between us still we want each other badly, we have religion problem, we are from rivalry countries and what not.

We still haven't met once. We dont know if we could meet each other or not. We dont have any plans right now. I love him a lot and he loves me too.
I haven't imagined that he will come into my life all of a sudden, when my life was falling apart he was the only one who supported me, he till date supports me.
I trust him a lot and want to stay with him all my life, till my last breath.

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Distance is the problem and he is not stable yet to marry me.
I m just 18 right now and he is 24.

Idk what to do, how to handle this pain.
The distance between us is creating problems.
We need help badly.

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Ali baba 1 year ago

Sister I request you please forget him. They are very bad people. May be he is using you against our country (INDIA


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