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Hello everyone. I am 26 yrs old MBA passout girl. I have lost my mother and my father is a conservative type of person. I don't have any sis. The probem is I met many guys whom I trusted but they broke my trust always.

Few months back I met a boy online and we became good friends, started to call, video chat and I expressed my love to him and he also said yes.
Then I rejected my father's proposal of marriage but days back that person stopped talking to me however he was coming to meet me in Kolkata, then he also changed his number and deactivatted account on social media.

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I don't have any option to contact him however his some of relatives are in my touch but they are not helping me.

I miss him so badly and I have lost my trust on boys even I will not trust them in future too.
Now what should I do?
I can't focus on my life and can't share my problms to anybody.

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