Two broken souls can be together?

Two broken souls can be together?

My #SecretConfessed:
Hi I am 18 yr old girl. I am fat but my friends n surrounding people are so good that they never made me feel wrong. I used to enjoy my life with my friends and family. Never bothered about money and used to go out with friends. I have only few close friends.

One of my friend was my childhood friend. I trusted him more than anything. After our ssc we had met only once. And then suddenly one day he asked me to teach him maths. This was our meeting after almost 1yr. I taught him. After that we were normally chatting. He asked me about my life. I said ok. He asked "any bf?" I said "yes", just for fun to see his reaction. His reaction was funny. Then I cooked up a small story. He thought itz all real. N after that we started meeting often.

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One day he told me about his relationship.

The girl was one of my old friends so I was ok. But he said "itz a secret, dont tell anyone". I said ok. After that I was going to my native place and we were chatting on watsapp. I didnt want that he should be misjudging me so I said I broke up. He said ok. After that he proposed me on watsapp. I was shocked I asked him abt his relationship. He said itz also broken. So 2 broken souls can be together. I never thought this would happen. I said I want time. N eventually I said yes.

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Bro 1 year ago

I dont know how a girl can be normal, when a boy who is her bf said lies about his previous relationship. I guess the purity of love is being used for the sake of personal and sexual benefits. Please for god sake, dont make fun of love. Getting irritated with this world


a 2 years ago

go and talk to him again...tell him how much u love him...he will feel pity on u and will talk...then after sometime u will find him with another girl...but still do not give up...again beg for his love...and continue this


sayani 2 years ago

i don't know why you are dragging this. the guy clearly don't love you. and you are almost in the verge of forgetting him. so why you are bringing trouble and complications in your life again??? unfriend him from Facebook. or even block him. no need to keep in touch with him as it will probably bring back those feelings.. do you want to complicate your life??? i don't think so. be happy... with just the way you are. love yourself and people will automatically love you. and don't bring your past in your present or future. it will just bring more problems.


Sd 2 years ago

Leave him n don't bother itself.....guys don't realise n continue having contact with ex's Son of bitches...just want entertainment


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