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I saw her for the first time when I went to have my launch into a hotel. I found her very good looking but never thought that one day I will fall in love with her.

After few days I found that we are going to share the same class, I was happy. In between a couple of month we became friends and couldn't understand when I started loving her. We were in good touch for around a couple of years. But then she started ignoring me for no reason, so I didn't put any afford and ask her anything about that. Maybe her this kind of attitude made me insane and by any means I wanted to get in touch with her. So I created a fake Fa**b**k account and managed in such a way that she was not able to recognize that it was fake account. I sent her a request and after a week. I thanked her for accepting the request and after 6 hours she replied me saying she doesn't know me so I replied it was a random request.

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Since that day we talked for about a week and I was decent enough that she started falling for me and wanted to talk to me on phone but I can't share my number as she knows my voice. So I just told her that I am not interested to get into any relationship. So an uncomfortable situation was created and blocked her. But trust me I really love her but if I tell her don't know what will be the consequences. I really want to spend my whole life with her but I doubt she even likes me or not.


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Sah 2 years ago

Why didn't you talk to her directly first? People must be fair with each other in a relationship. I think it's not too late yet..


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