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My #SecretConfessed:
2017 was a good restart for our relation after 2yrs. Till May all was going good, he was giving me time, attention. We met on that day before me and my bestie was going for short trip, after coming back he had gone to trip with his friends.

After 3/4 days no contact was there. I msged him but the reply was slow. 2/3 days passed away, I got angry and shouted on him seen but no reply.
2 days later I msged him again, that tym reply came and it was, "I want to breakup with u." I asked him that is that easy to give reason of last year of his studies and break it?
He told that tym he is in relation with his friend called sidd****.

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I was lyk what the f*ck, screamed to him, a week after he was not saying clearly anything, I msged that girl. She didn't reply. After 2days I msged him only to clear all things coz I was totally broken down.
1week of sleepless nights, crying.
That tym he cleared that he is not in relationship with any girl, he just wanted to focus on last year.

I asked him, "will I distract you?" He said yes "meko balance nhi ho Raha dono" after reading these messages I didn't reply.

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