We became physically close. But I'm married...

My #SecretConfessed,
I am 41 years old. I am married for last 14 years and have 2 daughters. We had a very happy married life and family.
About 6 months back, I met a man 8 years younger to me.

He is not married, has 3 broken relationships and was very lonely. We started chatting a lot and developed affection. I met him too and gradually we became physically close. We didn’t meet too often, but every time we met, we had sex.
I believed he was using me just to meet his physical needs. But still, I kept getting emotionally attached with him.

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I always feel guilty as I have a very loving n caring husband. But I have no clue why I kept getting pulled towards this guy.
Every time I tried to get out of this relationship, I felt more intensely for him.

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Vegeta 1 year ago

Oh dear dont compare your lust with your husbands love you piece of shit. You dont love the other guy nor you have feelings for him you just wanted to have sex. I really feel bad for your husband after all the trust and love he showered upon you, you just betrayed him hope he gets justice, and as per you please confess to him thats best for both of you


Hisham 1 year ago

Tell ur husband.come clean coz you are a bloody whore.seek forgiveness.


deepak 1 year ago

forgot all things and love your husband and daughters


Lst 1 year ago

Ask ur self what do u want ur husband and ur daughters or that other guy stop cheating urself and each of them end of the either u will have a good life or a good lesson


Kamboj Pooja 1 year ago

Love is like a prayer... if you are guilty after doing it , make sure that it is not love but something disastrous... Heal yourself and pay attention to your family.


Amu 1 year ago

Only because of wife like u, a husband or a man get a suspectual views. I even love a girl and will keep loving till the end but u know, i never meet her, just because c is happily living her married life. Didn't even think about me a second, how i would survive without her and c finally got married to a luckiest guy. And i think, this is the true love, that i wanted to c her happy, so living without going close to her but loving only from the bottom of my heart :( Please don't ever break the trust, otherwise the coming generations' love couples would be the victim of it.


anonymous 1 year ago

First of all it is normal to be in a situation like this. You may be happy with your family which may look perfect, but you may not be getting the love/emotional connection of love from your husband anymore. Because life becomes monotonous and connection is lost with partners. So when you found the other guy, you could again feel the love or the connection which may be making it difficult for you to leave him even both of you have sex only. It's normal if your mind strays from the current relationship with your husband. Introspect on your needs and wants. Needs are things without which you can not function in daily life. Ex: It could as simple as a kiss/hug/sex from your partner to doing yoga. Rest of the things are your wants. Communicate this with your husband/partner and tell him to do the same thing and tell you his needs and wants. With some effort you can establish some clarity in your life. My Best Wishes With You.......


Jolly 1 year ago

You are blessed with two beautiful daughters. What more do you want? They are your life. Enjoy with them. Spend time with them. Involve yourself with their aim hobbies career ambition. I think you won't get the time to think about anything else.


king cold 1 year ago

I hope your husband does the same in your case may be then you will know how it feels like. An eye for an eye


Panky 1 year ago

I think u r a housewife who is idle.. and an idle mind is devil's workshop which easily attract negative things... like , u actually dont want to cheat ur husband but still u r cheating... so keep urself engaged i. Some ir the other work.. whenever a negative thought cross ur mind just start thinking about sone mthibg postive


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