We both want a child

My #secretconfessed,
I am 25, life was amazing before marriage, I was so career conscious but my parents wanted me to get married. I wanted to study and achieve success but my fate didnt as I am average looking girl, my parents always worried about my marriage after completion of grad. They fixed my marriage in a village.

My husband is not much educated. Our mentality never matched each other. Within 1 year of our marriage life he always shouted at me. He has male dominant character. Now he wants a child. We tried too but I failed to conceive. Then I got to know I am having pcos and he too has some problem, still he always blames me for this.

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I cant leave him too bcz he is 1st person of my life. I love him too.

What to do? I want a child also.

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eerfan 1 year ago

hey there..lady.... now a days pcos can be treated...so plz go n get treat from doctor. no need to confess here


xyz 1 year ago

it's not a big deal. nowadays it's easy to pcos problems lady.meet ivf doctor he will help you through medicine. and vanish your pcos problems


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