We did more than a married couple...

My #SecretConfessed:
Hi I am here going to tell you all about my love and cheated life.
Well, coming to the point: I work in as an IT executive and its 2014. I am a hindu and the girl i met in fb is christian. I sent a request to her, she accepted soon and every day and night we used to talk, texting in messenger.

After 3 days I asked her mobile no, she gave and soon we started texting in WApp. We spoke in the phone, one day we planned to meet, she agreed and i met her in one of the best colleges in my place.
We live in the same place so its easy to find her and meet. Well we met up, spoke long tym, I gave chocolate and rose to her, she was happy.

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After that every day we spoke till 2 o'clock at night and everything was going smooth. I proposed her, without saying no she accepted.
Now where the problems were getting started.

After 15 days she said she cant continue the relationship ana bla bla, but i fought and made everyting clear and she continued the relationship with me. We were fine and everyting is going good too. 

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