What does my mami want?

My #SecretConfessed:
Hi, I am 17 and i am living with my mama and Mami for studies. One night I woke up to drink water and I don't know what had happened to me and i went to Mami's room and touched her ass and i continued it for 4-5 days and now i started rubbing my dick in her ass also.

When I touched her boobs, she woke up and i run back to my room, but nothing happened next day, she was acting normal.
So, i continued to rub my dick when she is working in kichen. She is moving away from me but she is not complaining about my act to anyone.

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What does she want?

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Xyz 1 year ago

I dont think protect kr rhi h... Protect krna hota..to mna bhi krti


wellwisher 1 year ago

Oo bhaisaab cntrl haaa.. apki mami apko protect krna chahti hai... chahti h ki sudhar jao... aisi galti na karo... aap to chance pe dance karrhe yaar... backout karo aur ye bevkoofi na karna... behave your self..


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