What if he rejects me if I confess to him?

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F-28, I am simple girl and very friendly in nature. I am someone who wants to live each and every moment of life and do that to. But I am having past, I was in love with someone and love like he was everything to me.

He married as per his parents' wish and I was left behind in broken condition, sometimes he approaches to me even after marriage but I say neutral.

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As 2 year passed I met up with one of my old friends and we talked a lot, sometimes full night and day.
Now I am having very strong feelings for him but I can't say because he is very friendly and also in same condition as I am.
He has already rejected many proposals after his breakup and I think that he too rejects me if I confess my feeling to him. When he tells me that he is talking to some girl who is continuously approaching him, it seems my complete body catches a fire but somehow I am controlling my emotion and talking to him in normal mood.
When he says that his family is talking about marriage my full day becomes a hell.

If u r reading this please understand my feeling and come in front to say the same thing.
I realy luv you and don't want to miss u.
Please help me, suggest me what should I do.

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Anu 1 year ago

Tell watevr u feel and rest leave it to God.


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