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Hey there! I am 19, male. I will try to narrate my whole incident that had happened to me.
We were in the same school but still didn't talk much. But one day I realized I love her and I approached her on fb.

First she had rejected my proposal but after a month or so she accepted me. But the problem with me was that I was way too shy in front of her. I don't know why I was so much insecure about her, but I loved her so much and she even agreed with the fact.
But my insecurities and shyness started creating fights in my relationship and after 2 months she broke up with me.

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I said to her some really harsh words while she was trying to be smooth with me. I was really really frustrated with the thought of not having her.

After few weeks her crush proposed her and that guy was the brother of my ex's best friend. Her best friend started creating a lot more fights between us and one day I got to know that my ex and her crush are finally now in a relationship. 

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