My honesty destroyed everything

There is a lot of pressure on me. all r blaming me... abusing me... cursing me...
They think now, after that i wont be able to get any gud guy. i will be alone forever. n now they r not searching even.

M just pissed off by all this. even i m not financial independent. so it is really hurting me from inside coz now i have nothing...
I'm preparing for n exam n just waitting for results. i dont know that will happen or not.

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Now i just wanna ask to all of u who is reading: what to do?
As i think... i know they want my happiness too but how can i tell them d truth? n how this thing will go..?

All r so so much depressed.

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Confused soul 1 year ago

What you did, that was your decision. It is not right to hide your past & cheat someone else. Face the things you did in your past. I am myself facing but I am not going to cheat anyone. Atleast I have that much courtesy left. Some day you will find a guy who will accept you for who you are.


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