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My #SecretConfessed:
I was in a relationship with this girl for 6yrs who came into my life dramatically. It goes like this... 
She claimed to have loved me like mad and proposed me but I was already in a relationship when she confessed it.

I respectfully turned down her proposal as I was already in a commited relationship with a Bengali girl.
Then this girl got involved with a boy from other community and established physical relation with that boy and blamed it on me (made me feel very guilty) but I couldnt help as I was already in a relationship.

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Again, her friends called me up saying that she had tried harming herself as I had rejected her proposal (made me feel guilty again).

These two incidents made me receive her calls and reply to her msgs and I already confused this to my then gf.
One day this girl called me that she broke up with that guy and he is harassing her and wanted my help so as a friend I helped her settling the matter amicably.

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