What will be the end of this love?

My #SecretConfessed:
One Sided love 😍😍😘😘 Normally.. πŸ’– people fell in love with someone's beauty.. Voice.. Etc But I fell in love with his texts and his eyes😌😌

We met on a WhatsApp group.. That was the best day of my life.. He was the best guy I have ever met in my life ☺ When we met on WhatsApp group at that point of time he was not that much important to me but as the time passed he became the most important and special person in my life.. We used to talk almost everyday and somewhere I fell in love with him ☺ just due to my habit of non stop talking.. He got to know that I fell for him And the biggest mistake of my life that I confessed.. I still regret this πŸ˜”
because due to this we had unlimited fights.. Which cannot be sought out πŸ˜•

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I lost my importance in his life. But I still love him a lot...

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sai 2 years ago

Please can you msg me personally on my fb account sai pravallika.. I dont know what to say..may we both can help each other to heal ourselves... If you can't find my account please comment your account here in comments.. There is alot I can suggest you


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