What will be the end of this love?

He sent me some songs which still exist in my playlist... i never met him... I miss him a lot every moment, every second of my life... His messages.. his choices.. his pics always keep rotating in my mind whether I m busy or not... He was the first love of my life and will be the last..

Through the fake account I tried to have some conversation with him but within 3-4 days, I don't know how many, he got to know that this was me 😕

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I just wish that he always stay happy. Sometimes my mind says to give up on him but my heart says not now😫
I m just tired of being sad... I can't show my sadness to anyone because in this world nobody cares except for our parents... I tried a lot to handle it but everything was over... Every night I used to see his pic, don't know why.

Still there is a hope because I loved him from the bottom of my heart... it proves that It's not an attraction because it lasts for 4-5 months... But In my case it's more than a year..
Plz tell me what to do...

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sai 2 years ago

Please can you msg me personally on my fb account sai pravallika.. I dont know what to say..may we both can help each other to heal ourselves... If you can't find my account please comment your account here in comments.. There is alot I can suggest you


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