Neither my husband nor him

My #secretconfessed,
It's been three years when I met this guy, and we married each other after a courtship of four months. Things were good until after a month of my marriage, I found him cheating on me.

I left him and moved back to my parent's home. Many things happened, he was my first love so it was difficult to accept this shit which happened with me. Filing for divorce was a pain as during this time I lost my father and I was looking for jobs. Societal pressure and other things made me weak. However, I picked up things fast. Gathered courage to move on.

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One of my colleague fell for me even after knowing the truth that I am separated not divorced. His love was beyond boundaries, but I could not cheat as I was technically still married. I could not reciprocate, he wanted to marry me but I was not in love with him. To stop all this I told him I am interested in other guy with whom I am working on the current project.

I did not want to spoil a young man's future so I had to lie to him this.

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Jerk 1 year ago

U r special... strength & honour


Bikram 2 years ago

Not to add much here, the young man whom u lied would be the one!!!!! You find another one attracting... Though.... Never mind, it's difficult to recognise the true one which is only decided by thick and thin. It's better to take divorce than licking what u spit already.


Ash 2 years ago

Well if you are seeing no future then reason goin ahead. Since your stating that your husband was abusive and brutal, chances are he will be the same again if u get back. As for the colleague who wanted to get with you knowin you are sepearated, give him a chance and see how it goes. If he fits then go ahead, if not be single And f**k society.


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