Whenever I get intimate with my husband, I remember him...

My #secretconfessed,
Me, 28 years old, married woman, no baby. 4 years pehlay Mai ek insan say fbk mai chat korti ti din rat. I fell in love with him... how I don't know. I tried to stop me but I couldn't. I deactivated my account so many times but I couldn't.

I was not married at that time. One day I fought with him, deactivated my account. There was no relationship between us. When I activated my account, I was not aware of the fact that he was engaged. He regularly chatted with me.

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Suddenly one day he invited me on his wedding. I was heartbroken more than anything. Actually because of this I have a heart disease. Till now I am not OK. I am taking medicine. I feel eartheqake every time. Then one day I deactivated my account after one year, I went for a relationship but I didn't forget him.

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xyz 1 year ago

try to forget him ...be in present....urs all problms vl solvd


annonymous 1 year ago

plz forget me ...i always get hiccups while eating.


Annonymous 1 year ago

Its not possible:'(


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