Whenever I get intimate with my husband, I remember him...

That boy loves me soo much but because of my mom/ dad I can't marry him. I married a man, within one week I divorced that person, it was not my fault it's because of my mom/ dad... That person tried his best not to divorce me... he married a woman whose name is same as mine.

And now I am again married. My husband loves me more than anything. I am trying to love him, I am giving my best to make him happy. But deep inside I am still love in with the fbk guy. Whenever I get intimate with my husband I don't know why I remember him.

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In everything I remember him. I couldn't forget.

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xyz 1 year ago

try to forget him ...be in present....urs all problms vl solvd


annonymous 1 year ago

plz forget me ...i always get hiccups while eating.


Annonymous 1 year ago

Its not possible:'(


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