We had done everything except sex

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I m in relationship forĀ 3.5 yrs. Everything is going smoothly but the problem started withe the issue of getting married. I also arranged meeting with my bf nd my father...

At that time my father consoled me that if I clear ca he will be ready for our marriage. But unfortunately I couldn't clear my exam nd my parents are not ready. My mother's health is not good and I had tried a lot but my parents are not convinced and he had also waited for me but now he is also facing family's pressure to get marry or hm bhagh k shadi k kre bt m not ready for dis.

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And we had done everything except sex. So I cant leave him.

My family is professional field and they are businessmen and has joint family. These are the reasons why my parents are not convinced.
What I should do? Pls, suggest me. I cant live without him and my family. Suggest me, help me.

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