Who has got my nude photo?

My #SecretConfessed:
I was in a relation with - let's call him - SK for 2 years. 2 year was not completed also. I had a physical relations with him...

Those who knew about him were saying that "He is not a nice guy for u". But I trusted him blindly... When I understood my mistake it was too late.
Then I told him "I don't want any relation with u".

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After that I meet a boy while playing basketball and I had a crush on him. I liked his smile very much. Then I said to my friend about him.
I came in a relation with him. I have told him everything about my past except SK's matter.
His friend saw me and next day he asked me first, I was not accepting.
Then he got known everything so I told him everything... After all that's he who was with me.


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