Why doesn't my husband love me?

My #SecretConfessed:
I have been married for 3 years. But he always tells me he can't love me. He only loved my profession. But I haven't reached that level expected by him. He doesn't want to spend time with me. He is working abroad.

We don't have regular phone calls. His family is very orthodox and iam living with his parents. I feel very suffocated. I always feel lonely. I can't find any meaning in my life.

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I became dependant on anyone who gives me some comfort. My depressed nature is pushing away friends and colleagues from me. I want to become independent and happy.

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Jeff 2 years ago

Tell him what you feel . Don't hide your feelings


Amit Bansal 2 years ago

Then why r u with him till now. Take divorce from him and do the things u like. May be he loves or loved someone else truly due to that he cannot love u. But first become independent and then think about divorce. Why did he got married to u when he already knew that he cannot love someone else? Atleast​ ask him once.


Anonymous Knight 2 years ago

you are a professional. have your freedom back!i am sure you know how to do that. you need not feel suffocated! break your barriers , find someone whom you can trust and with whom you can be yourself! surely you will be happy again! take care!


ME 2 years ago

Stop wasting time on him. You better enjoy your life.


Pk 2 years ago

Be positive ...be strong... Life is so long... 9438000111


Manoj 2 years ago

This is life dear.U chose the wrong guy.N now ur crying over spilt milk. Either stay with him or kick his ass.Coz he is clearly showing he cares a dam for u.Not only that he might be having someone else who is satisfying his needs which u have not.N now there is no use trying to coz he has tasted different flavors so urs is not worth.So ,push urself and move on in life .


Raj 2 years ago

Plz feel free to share it with me.... 8933870728


Bikram 2 years ago

Accept what u have and stop expecting anything instead keep much expectation in yourself. U r better than a beggars who stand roadside begging in harsh condition but stayed happy. When u start loving itself and take pleasure in everything u do and stop expecting anything from ur husband u see ur husband will start loving u seeing ur jolly nature and free attitude of inside..... Best of luck!!!


Lohit D 2 years ago

Make proper conversation with your husband and husband family and clear everything Feel free to contact me 9972513358


Kris 2 years ago

Ur a working women if ur nt happy talk to ur husband directly and explain wht ur going through wait for sometime if at all also ur problem is not solved u can live ur individual life


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