My wife is having an affair.

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My wife and me married 1 year before. Our marriage is love marriage. We are sharing healthy relationship with each other.
One day she asked for go to her native.

I give her freedom to do what she wants to do. But at same time I warned her also she doesnt go on wrong way. But when she was at her native for her birthday celebration in May, she met her old friend (monster). Both fell in love with each other. It totally distroyed my life. My waiting for my mistake. One day i shared one porn video with her and she created a drama on that. Till that I am not in knowledge about her affair. She stopped talking to me. I feel guilty for that silly mistake. But in this 8 months I continue to be in touch with her for making trust it's not going to happen next. But she didnt listen to me any more.

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One day i got doubt on her character. One day I hacked her friend's Facebook account. And what I saw that was horrible for me. I am totally destroyed. She had a sexual relationship with him. Having an affair with him. I dont know how to take my revenge now. In their conversation the boy said in start I can't live without you. And recently he is saying I can't marry with you. Its not possible. We will be just friends.

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poppy 11 months ago

time to get away from her.....forever


Mayank 1 year ago

A lot of married women are indulging in extra marital affairs with their colleagues, neighbours and friends. Most women when caught with their pants down then start blaming the guy; about how he is exploiting them, forcing them, how they were emotionally neglected etc. They also blame their Husbands for not giving them enough sex. My personal experience is that married women crave for adventures. I chat (have chatted) with many women (also voice chat), who openly admit themselves as chaste and devoted wife to everyone and behaves as slut on their secret FB profile with random guys. They wish to indulge in fornication with other guys and they openly discuss their sex life with their husbands and also about their past. However harsh it may seem, we have to come to terms with the fact that a married woman will enjoy sex with more than one man in her life to be satisfied. Don’t pretend that you didn’t enjoy getting screwed by your lovers behind your husband’s back.


franky 2 years ago

Just leave her... don't take revenge just move one with another person... i know its hard but u won't be happy either with her your whole life


Hi 2 years ago

Do this if you want to leave her(only then) Hack into the boy'sacc.get her to meet him.meanwhile,show that u are not in town.then keep avideo camera there.also,invite her family, her parents..everyone there..(u can do it in her birthday) n tell them its a surprise for her..then let themsee for themselvesthe kind of daughter they have. (Plan 2)since u hacked into a ac..take, follow her n take full investigation on this..also, blackmail her female friends n record their voice(msure, they know about it-girls tell each other these things)basically gather evidence..n den expose by making a video n showing it to her friends and family or also, u can put clips of her with him on a cake..n opnd cake infront of everyone.(digital cake)(u can get it easily custom made) However, if u want to get back woth her, gather evidence,confront her..make her forget him,forgive her.but also, makesure that she dsnt put marital rape or other chargeson make sure, u gather evidence of adultery before u take any step#bettr safe than sorry


Anonymous 2 years ago

Leave her


Suggestion 2 years ago

Just give a chance to her and listen what made her to do this. then you take a decision accordingly


Sudy 2 years ago

Listen if you divorce her I think it's the best solution according me because you won't have to pay alimony because of duration of marriage and your wife infidelity . Secondly prevention is better than cure you are saving yourself from another shoch there is a chance that she will cheat again and more cautiously . If you forgive her and she cheats you after having kids they will grow in a broken home not good or there is a chance that she would become an awesome person then leave you in shambles or you will not be the biological father. Mang problem are there. Your decision.


G 2 years ago

Mate, everyone makes mistakes, big or small. Even the people who have commented here might have made mistakes in some part of their life. Yours is a love marriage. Talk to her. See if she has any love for you. If she don't, you are wasting your life on this relationship. If you still have feeling for her and she regret about making the mistake you could give her a chance. If you are willing to give her a chance I suggest you should be very cautious. We are not saints to forgive the people who cheat on us. So you can take revenge if you like in the way you think is appropriate. The man who is having an affair. He knows she is married. So he definitely should be punished. Hope you take the measures soon.


Dj 2 years ago

Why the man should be punished????


Anonim 2 years ago

U must be an idiot to say 'warned her not to go the wrong way'! What kinda trust is that u showed? Serves u right!


azwr042 2 years ago

dont listen to the idiotic suggestions people post here,, be a man and handle the situation ,, dont let the assholes here say what you should do, ok,, make up your mind and do what you feel like doing,,ook,, and BTW your english sucks a little bit,,


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