My wife is having an affair.

My #SecretConfessed:
My wife and me married 1 year before. Our marriage is love marriage. We are sharing healthy relationship with each other.
One day she asked for go to her native.

I give her freedom to do what she wants to do. But at same time I warned her also she doesnt go on wrong way. But when she was at her native for her birthday celebration in May, she met her old friend (monster). Both fell in love with each other. It totally distroyed my life. My waiting for my mistake. One day i shared one porn video with her and she created a drama on that. Till that I am not in knowledge about her affair. She stopped talking to me. I feel guilty for that silly mistake. But in this 8 months I continue to be in touch with her for making trust it's not going to happen next. But she didnt listen to me any more.

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One day i got doubt on her character. One day I hacked her friend's Facebook account. And what I saw that was horrible for me. I am totally destroyed. She had a sexual relationship with him. Having an affair with him. I dont know how to take my revenge now. In their conversation the boy said in start I can't live without you. And recently he is saying I can't marry with you. Its not possible. We will be just friends.

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DTP 2 years ago

Seek divorce and tell her she should be better and happier with the person. Don't be sad over other's (wife's) mistake. You are not the culprit. Take immediate steps or you will worry forever just because someone committed mistake.


Abhishek 2 years ago

Once I also faced the same thing, but I was lucky because we were not married. See some people irrespective of gender possess a tendency to cheat. They love to cheat their parents, friends, siblings. So it is natural they just can't live without cheating. We should be careful about these type of persons.


roo 2 years ago

Move on.....remember... Its a mistake to get cheated bro..... at least u HV option to marry.... Imagine if you have kids and this situation pop thr should be some one made for you....some ppl don't have option (me) like the ppl who like u...don't run behind who don't care fr cre....


Anil 2 years ago

Move on with ur life . But make sure others know about her real character so that she doesn't fool some other guys.


Solution 2 years ago

File a police complaint with proof at the police station against the guy. He will be thrown behind bars. Make sure you give the cops enough motivation to whack the guy on his joints so that he cant walk straight again. Then go to her parents and show them what kind of a daughter they raised. Go to your parents and do the same. Make sure all her friends and relatives ostracize her. Then u go your seperate ways. Let her know what Karma feels like.


A K 2 years ago

Hmm, interesting solution. But why not Police to that woman? Let her also be whacked on her joints for what she has done?


Rohan KHAN 2 years ago

This is the best comment ever! You are right #Solution


Dj 2 years ago

Why the man?


Anonim 2 years ago

Talk to her straight way, try and understand her view about that, before you make any decision


Anynigga 2 years ago



Nadeem 2 years ago

just leave.. that guy is not going to marry with her.. once she will lose you then she will come to know about her mistakes and your importance.. you have just completed one year, its not too much time.. just forgive her and leave her, dont be hungry for revenge. forgiving is the best revenge. find someone else and think about your future.


Pankaj 2 years ago

Improve ur sexual ability.. she is going to someone else means she is not satisfied with u


Jitu 2 years ago

Vo jrur pde aur samje love marriage just spoil life. Marriage and Love both r different things


Leave that bitch 2 years ago

Leave her find a new girl don't spoil ur life


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