Yesterday I told my gf that we were physical

My #SecretConfessed:
I came in a relation with a girl 2 years younger than me. Slowly, slowly our relation grew strong. Then I was doing diploma. Everything was fine until i completed my diploma in 2015.

After that I came to Delhi for B. Tech l and here I saw a girl, excchanged our numbers and then late night chat etc.
Slowly we fell in love and also have physical relation and I forgot my gf. I was not recieving her phone nor replying her back.

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One day I picked her phone and I told her I am in relation with another girl. She said, "give me her number", first I refused but she forced me to give and finally I gave her number.
She called her and there the problem started.

They were angry with each other and I have to choose one of them.

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